Here are some simple creative ideas that will give you a new perspective on what you can accomplish with paint colour.

Sweet Orange - From sun-kissed terracotta to spicy curry and pumpkin hues, orange is a fabulous, flexible colour in the home. In its palest peach tints, orange is also wonderfully flattering to skin tones, making it invaluable in the bedroom or bathroom.

The Golden Touch - Add a touch of opulence to a dining room or guest bath by applying the “golden” rule: splashes of golden, amber, and platinum hues add instant elegance. 

Painting Rough Textures - When painting a rough-textured wall such as stucco or textured plaster, remember this rule of thumb: Go one shade lighter when choosing colours. Smooth surfaces reflect light, making colours look lighter. The same colours will look darker on a textured surface.  

Paneling Makeover - There is almost no makeover so simple—yet so effective—as painting over dated wood paneling. A tired rec room can be transformed into a fresh, stylish space in a matter of hours with little more than a coat of clean, glossy white paint.

Being Green - Green as an exterior colour has been steadily increasing in popularity over the past decade. If you are leaning toward green, remember this tip: grayed, blackened, and low-intensity greens are your best bet when covering a large area. 

When Past Is Present - In this age of "McMansions," when houses grow ever higher and bigger, there has emerged a trend toward visual downsizing. You can accomplish this by having a dark roof and horizontal divisions of colour throughout the exterior walls of your home.